Mission and Goals

The mission of the Encore Alliance of Greater Grand Rapids (EAGGR) is to promote the health and welfare of the rapidly increasing population of senior adults in the Greater Grand Rapids Area.



To inspire and empower seniors to live healthier by making wellness programs available. Programs will include nutrition, exercise, health training, stress reduction and relaxation.


To strengthen holistic living by training in the sacredness of life, the dignity of the human person and the stewardship of life’s resources, nurtured by a Biblical World View.


To enlist academic and skilled professionals to assist seniors in a quest for life-long learning. We will secure the resources and assistance of institutions and organizations to facilitate and develop intellectual skills, enhance senior service contributions and provide volunteer opportunities benefiting themselves, their families and the community.


To empower adults to begin a second career, enlisting the disciplines of education, career counseling, testing, orientation and coaching to find a fulfilling new career, temporary career or a hobby to use in volunteer service.


To create opportunities for communication and healthy social interaction, as well as reinforce strong interpersonal skills.


To contribute to the re-creative powers of seniors, by promoting opportunities to view fresh horizons and experience physical and mind stimulating experience – e.g. travel, arts, science, literature and sports.

Medical, Psychological and Palliative Care

In the spirit of mercy for the suffering and dying, to enlist the best possible trained professionals, as well as nurturing partnerships with hospitals, health care organizations psychiatric services and hospice care4 to meet the diverse needs of multi-generational adults – e.g. those 50-65, 66-80, and 80+.


In a climate of compassionate care and justice, to sustain collaborative research partnerships, as well as seek sponsorships and resources within the framework of Judeo-Christian values in developing a creative response to the emergent needs of mature adults in the 21st century. Especially with an ever expanding population of aging adults facing the challenges of longer life, as well as new horizons in gerontology.


To initiate, sponsor, endorse and train seniors to embrace life fully and commit themselves to serve. To contribute their time, skills, wisdom and stewardship of life to improve the community and the lives of others.


To provide a physical hub and nexus facility where the Encore Alliance can be headquartered. This is where many of the programs serving seniors will have a home that will promote interaction and allow for more effective advertising of services.


To develop a sense of community among the approximately 100,000 seniors in the Greater Grand Rapids area. This will lead to their commitment to living their lives in accordance with the principles of successful aging and a commitment to serving their peers and society in general.