Encore Village

Below is a series of preliminary conceptual drawings of a senior village designed to meet the needs of the ever increasing population of seniors in the greater Grand Rapids area.

The Encore Alliance (EAGGR) is currently seeking land and funding for this development, which has the potential to be the first of its kind in the United States, and would place the Grand Rapids area in the vanguard of those nationally seeking to meet the needs of our rapidly increasing senior population.

Encore Village will provide a center where every organization working with seniors will have an office or have their services represented. It will provide one location where every need a senior has will be met or they will be referred to a source that will meet it. There will be businesses that will focus primarily on meeting the needs of seniors. Plus, there will be facilities aimed primarily on meeting the needs of seniors physically, socially, spiritually, mentally, and service wise, and will include facilities that promote clean wholesome entertainment.

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