The EAGGR welcomes donations to help further our mission and goals. We are incorporated in the State of Michigan and have been granted 501(c)(3) status by the Federal Government and the IRS. This, of course, means all gifts are fully tax deductible.

EAGGR will formally acknowledge and receipt all gifts of $100 or more.

How Your Donations Make a Difference

Donations will be used to provide workshops and materials to carry out the Encore Living Program (ELP). They will also be used to provide scholarships for individuals who wish to participate but cannot afford to do so on their own. Monies will also be used to help research the effectiveness of the ELP and to refine the program for maximum results.

The EAGGR also has the vision of providing a first class senior village, mall or center expanding on the Evergreen Commons concept so effectively implemented in Holland, MI. This would be a gathering place for seniors where all of their needs would addressed and met.

Donations can be made by check or money order to:

Encore Alliance of GGR
P.O. Box 88146
Grand Rapids, MI 49518